Join us for our new art show on July 18th at 7pm!

gregorio scalamongna

Complementary drinks provided.

As a young child I painted simply because I enjoyed it and it was something that I was naturally good at. I reproduced images of anything that I found interesting ranging from superheroes to album covers, to other artists work. I
nourished my art because it felt right, never knowing or possibly conceiving that my art would become my dearest companion and guardian for the rest of my life.

I grew older and traveled quite a bit with my art by my side, my portfolio in hand. I did the old budget travel thing for many years on end and found myself in a rut once or twice with only my artistic gift to help me out. My art was a common language with “locals” when words could not be understood
and it was a means of communication that remains my truest form of expression.

An expressive journey of truth takes place every time I enter my studio and get to work. Sometimes I guide the process to depict a representational image and sometimes I follow the intention that becomes the art. My paintings grow. They become windswept explosions of colour, walks along a coastline or transparent drizzle in rainforest. My paint strokes are loose, textured and splattered and my canvases become intertwining palettes of color.

Color brings life and mood into my work and it’s the color that creates the complex enigmas that are the essence of my work. I’m passionate about creating and I love exploring colour, living and learning. My paintings are a process in creation.

~Gregorio Scalamogna