The Locus is proud to be one of the first restaurants in Vancouver to fully embrace recycling and composting. Freddie Miller, the Locus’ owner has been wanting to do this for a long time but there were issues that needed to be worked out with the recycling/garbage disposal company to work out a procedure for the restaurant. In many ways, the Locus’ recycling efforts is also a learning experience for their recycler Northwest Waste as the Locus is their first restaurant customer to recycle and compost.

Unlike regular restaurant garbage disposal, recycling and composting does take a bit more effort to sort and costs about 15% more than regular disposal.

Waste needs to be separated into three separate bins for different types of recyclable and composting materials. One bin is used for glass, one for paper and plastic and the last is for organic matter.

For Freddie the benefits of composting and recycling restaurant materials is manyfold. First of course is the benefit to the environment. Doing the right thing is also good for employee morale as everyone feels they are pitching in and doing their part for the planet. Customers like it too. Locus clientele have been positive and appreciate the Locus’ move towards a more environmentally conscious way of doing business.