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Some New Locus Additions

Chartreuse herbal liqueur, Framboise fortified wine, Stellaport Stella cherry port, Cuvee Noir from Kalala Estate Winery in Kelowna.

It’s a new year, the perfect reason to try new things. Mel Pilotte at the Locus has redone their drink list for 2012 to intrigue Locus customers into trying different selections.

Mel has strengthened the BC wine selections to the list including the house red and whites which are the Cabernet Merlot blend and unoaked Chardonnay from Calona Vineyards in the Okanagan.

“I tried getting a lot of different products we didn’t have before and try to get them in front of the public; let them try new spirits they wouldn’t normally drink. For instance the Poire Williams is a very nice eau de vie made from the Williams pear (Bartlett) that is usually served as an aperitif.” explained Mel.

There is also good news for the single diner who hates having to overpay for a single glass of wine. She says, “We also repriced our single glass prices so the single diner does not have to pay more just because they are buying a single glass. The price is the same as the equivlent portion from a whole bottle.”

A wider variety of wines awaits those who wish to dive into the extensive drinks list. There are also interesting new liqueurs like the framboise and Chartreuse and an excellent cherry port from Elephant Island.

To keep you warm during the winter months, a new list of heated specialty drinks are delicious warm cocktails that will take the chilly edge off; just perfect in the afternoon or evening. You can find these in the “Warm Suggestion” section of the menu. Try the “Midnight” hot chocolate spiked with Butter Ripple Schnapps, spiced rum and topped with whipped cream and see if that doesn’t warm you up.

Regulars need not worry if some of their favorite old cocktails are no longer on the list. The Locus still have all the ingredients on hand so you can feel free to ask for an old favorite.

You can look forward to trying new wines this year too with upcoming featured wine of the week and the return of late night wine and drink specials.

With more variety, BC focus, intriguing new liqueurs and exciting new cocktails you will never be bored or thirsty ordering from the Locus’ new winter drinks menu thanks to Mel.

Poire Williams, Bartlett pear eau de vie.

New House Wines. Cabernet-Merlot and unoaked Chardonnay from Calona Vineyards.

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