Our brunch menu is offered 7 days a week: Monday-Friday 9am-3pm Sat/Sun 9am-4pm. All of our eggs are local Fraser Valley free-range eggs and many of our breakfast items may be substituted with free-range egg whites, or tofu. Ask your server for details.


Huevos Rancheros    14
Two eggs any style, hand-made masa corn tostado, Monterey Jack, black beans, salsa fresca, sour cream & guacamole. Served with herbed roasted baby potatoes & mixed seasonal greens

Main Street Eggs     14
Two eggs any style, oven baked beans, sour cream, smoked cheddar and your choice of sausage (rosemary, chicken, spicy lamb, chorizo), ham, bacon or veggie links. Served with herbed roasted baby potatoes & fresh fruit

Locus Skillet        16
Two eggs any style with your choice of pulled duck, wagyu beef, smoked salmon or veggie sausage. Tossed with roasted bell peppers, scallions, English peas, baby spinach, herb roasted potatoes, smoked cheddar, honey-whiskey BBQ sauce & mixed seasonal greens

Classic Eggs         12
Two eggs any style with your choice of sausage (rosemary, chicken, spicy lamb, chorizo), ham, bacon or veggie links. Served with herbed baby roasted potatoes & fresh fruit
(Make it Steak n’ eggs  $17)


Each served on toasted sourdough English muffins or whole wheat English muffins with house-made hollandaise, roasted herbed baby potatoes & fresh fruit.

Wild Boar        16
Slow cooked seasoned wild boar shoulder & butter charred balsamic onion

Traditional         14
Sliced breakfast ham, smoked cheddar & scallions

Vegetarian         13
Roasted artichokes, sundried tomato compote, ricotta, crispy basil leaves

BC Salmon    16
Smoked sockeye salmon, capers & arugula


All of our omelettes and scramblers are served with roasted baby potatoes & fresh fruit.

Farmers Omelette    15
Rosemary chicken sausage, smoked cheddar, mushrooms & spinach

Mediterranean Omelette     14
Roasted artichokes, sundried tomato, almond-kale pesto filling, goat cheese & fresh basil

Pacific Seafood Scrambler    16
Chilean crab, scallops, smoked sockeye salmon, spinach & dill

Garden Scrambler    13
Gem tomatoes, mushrooms, Quebec cheese curds & English peas

Smoked Tofu Scrambler (Vegan)    12
Crumbled tofu, roasted bell peppers, scallions, English peas, spiced curry sauce & spinach


French toast and pancakes are both served with fresh fruit & infused whipped cream.

French Toast Roulade     13
Freshly baked cinnamon roulade, fruit and cream cheese preserve filled, cranberry multigrain crust, garnished with toasted nuts, strawberry flakes & mixed berry compote

Chef’s Pancakes    12
Chef’s house made seasonal fruit pancakes, dried fruit flakes & powdered sugar

Sausages 3.5 (Choice of: rosemary chicken, spicy lamb or chorizo)
Smoked Bacon 3.5
Smoked Ham 3.5
4oz Wagyu beef sirloin 7
Veggie Links 3
Baked or Black Beans 3.5
House Made Hollandaise 1.5
Gluten Free or Artisan Toast 2.5
Extra Egg 1.5
Side Potatoes or Salad 3
*A $2 charge will be applied for split items.



7 days a week from 9am-3pm Monday to Friday, 9am-4pm Saturday/Sunday.


Miso Poutine        11
Roasted potatoes, cheese curds, miso gravy (Add boar 3.5, vegan option available)

Pacific Seafood Salad    16
Prawns, smoked salmon, Chilean crab, cucumber, caramelized fennel, water chestnuts, light greens, burnt honey-orange tarragon dressing, lemon wedge  (Add scallops 4)

Caprese Salad        14
Bocconcini pearls, Campari tomato, heirloom cherry tomato, red leaf lettuce, almond-kale pesto, fresh basil

Warm Baked Brie        15
Phyllo wrapped, roasted Anjou pear & shallot jam, maple walnuts

Crispy Brussels Sprouts    12
Toasted pumpkin seeds, balsamic reduction, grana padano

Locus Caesar            11
Seasonal winter greens, croutons, grana padano, house Caesar dressing (Add free-range chicken 5, Add bacon 3.5)


Burgers are served on a Artisan bun with field tomato, red leaf lettuce, charred balsamic onion and tomato- raifort sauce. Sandwiches & burgers are served with our house salad and roasted herb potatoes.

Caprese Grilled Cheese Sandwich        13
Campari tomato,crispy basil, Monterey jack, mozzarella, almond-kale pesto on grilled artisan bread

Duck Sandwich        15
Pulled duck, arugula, brie, honey-whiskey bqq sauce & ciabatta

BC Brisket Chuck Burger    17
BC beef patty, smoked cheddar
Add Bacon 2     Add Mushrooms 1

Vegetarian Burger                     15
House mushroom & roasted pepper patty, Monterey Jack.
Add Mushrooms 1


Arctic Char         16
Hoisin BBQ glazed, roasted fingerling potatoes & chef’s seasonal vegetables

Seafood Radiatori   17
Scallop, prawns, Manila clams, chorizo, capers, Campari tomatoes, butternut squash cream & radiatori

Vegetarian Spatzle         14
Artichokes, sundried tomatoes, spinach, almond-kale pesto, English peas, Grana Padano spatzle

Please let us know if you have any allergies or intolerances as not all ingredients are written on the menu. Modifications can be made to make some dishes vegan or gluten free.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and debit cards.

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 Roasted potatoes, cheese curds, miso gravy (Add boar 3.5, vegan option available)