The Locus is changing up how we are doing our art openings at the restaurant. Previously, we changed the art on a monthly basis. While the art was eclectic and we had many talented artists in through the years, some of the material just wasn’t suitable for our restaurant and doing a monthly show was just too hectic for us.

We are now choosing more carefully and showcasing art for a longer time. Our first new show using this format is from Jonathan Lorne, a Vancouver based professional artist who create large-scale, highly-textured abstract acrylic paintings.

From Jonathan’s bio.

I am most interested in walking the line between having control over a painting and giving in to experimentation or chance by utilizing carefree paint applications. I prefer to be only a guide in the creation of a painting allowing each piece to aid in its own direction and completion. I like to play with paint on a textured canvas – mixing different viscosities of paint and watching how they interact on the surface.

You can check out some of his work below and at

Drop on by on Tuesday (Oct. 16th) from 7:30pm to 9:30pm for the opening and get your first beer free!