Most people make their New Year’s resolutions goals to strive for- higher levels of accomplishment to attain and look back on with pride. Here at Locus Lounge, without a doubt, a hot topic of the owner, employees and our customers is eco-sustainability.

Currently, we have abolished styrofoam in favor of recycled, biodegradable take-out containers from BioPac, and we also use paper to-go coffee cups. Our paper products and industrial cleaning supplies are from the Grass roots eco-friendly line provided from Protonics Chemicals, a local Vancouver business. We use water conservation toilets, energy efficient lighting, and use as many organic and fair-trade products as possible….If you have read our earlier blogs, then you get the idea.
One our the Chefs, Scott relayed this video to us of chef Arthur Potts Dawson, who is making leaps and bounds in the sustainable restaurant industry.
Watch his TED talk here:


This year, Locus Lounge’s New Year’s Resolution is to become “Greener”. The avenues to greener service are endless, whether it be providing more sustainable food, managing our waste better or stream lining our business practices, we are inspired!
Got a great story or know of a local service that goes above and beyond the regular business practices?
Feel free to share with us; we would like to make those the regular business practices.
You can read about the steps we make to run a greener business in our regular blog posts!