• Lunch specials today. t.co/nmwgwbqW #
  • Lunch specials today. t.co/XpnAqE7o #
  • Vancouver Craft Beer Week still going strong! $4.25 pints ~~ $11.50 Pitchers ALL DAY LONG. Check out the whole… t.co/jsPX680p #
  • Grilled Veg. Ratatouille Pappardelle from our dinner menu.
    Grilled vegetables cooked in savoury tomato sauce with… t.co/I1acapPY #
  • Wednesday Lunch Features t.co/yKqLlMcv #
  • Fan favorite. Wild boar poutine off our regular menu.
    t.co/Bjsvvapc t.co/Q7lXoSSo #
  • New draft beer for craft beer week! t.co/10FCjIFF #
  • Happy Craft Beer Week! t.co/nYw61aTg #
  • Tuesday Lunch Features! t.co/GwrWHwR3 #
  • Hungry? Try our Vancouver Craft Beer Week Lamb Burger with a pint of craft beer for only $16…. t.co/CmWL0Jw3 #
  • Tonight's Dinner! Craft Beer Week deals. t.co/pouPB1GE #
  • Tonight's Dinner! Craft Beer Week deals.
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  • Vancouver Craft Beer Week is still going strong. Beer flights for $7…. t.co/469oZndb #
  • Try our antipasto platter meats and cheeses. Great for sharing. Selection changes according to our chef's whims…. t.co/ayKVIK2I #
  • Try our Ling Cod burger and a craft beer for only $16. All craft beers $4.25/pint and $11.50/pitcher t.co/WAEmwxjg #
  • Thanks To Everyone For coming in this weekend to try our Craft Beers and features for Vancouver Craft Beer Week May 18-26th #
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  • After a weekend of debauchery maybe it's time to mellow out with some veggie choices…. t.co/9KklBEnr #
  • Philips Hop Circle IPA, only $4.25/pint and $11.50/pitcher all day during Craft Beer Week. t.co/sZXI65md #
  • One of our regulars' favorites. The Philips Blue Buck Ale.

    See more of the VCBW deals at:… t.co/BuQWBBCR #

  • Dayna serving one of our Craft Beer Week burgers and poutine.

    Come on down and check out all the craft beers and… t.co/nIAV6Br8 #

  • Our Vancouver Craft Beer Week burgers are only $13, add a craft beer for only $3 more.

    More details at:… t.co/hzHqMtJq #

  • Try one of our 6 tasty burgers and a craft beer for only $16. t.co/9WhqgbRK #
  • Another selection.
    Driftwood White Bark Wheat Ale
    A traditional Belgian Wit, this beer is naturally cloudy. Subtle… t.co/zZyj8Fso #
  • We have 6 craft beers for our Vancouver Craft Beer Week event. Here's a sample.

    Driftwood Farmhand Ale
    A Belgian… t.co/OjBSfrVD #